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Offerings and Services

Hi! I'm Amy Titus and am so excited you are here! 💖 Finding ways to connect people with their inherent power and purpose has been my passion for many, many years. I have studied spiritual principles, modalities, and practices and shared my findings for twelve years, and have cultivated beautiful programs and services to help elevate and support my clients.


The way I serve each client is as individual as they are and I honor and empower the uniqueness of my clients towards their Self-Actualization. 


I help my clients become deeply and intimately self-aware of their energetic offering and how that manifests in their inherent gifts, strengths, fragilities, and propensities. This is powerful work and I am so honored and blessed by my clients. 

Awaken to Love:
Coaching Program

In this 6-month coaching program, I will support you as you rediscover who you are and who are you are meant to be. You will find new love, compassion, and kindness for yourself as you align with the highest expression of yourself and step into your inherent power as a Divine Creator Being with clarity. 


We will look at areas of your life you are ready to shift and apply Radical Self-Compassion and Understanding to heal what is coming up to be resolved. By aligning to your True-Self you will allow massive shifts and changes towards the realization of your goals and dreams. We will use a unique blend of modalities and practices that I have lovingly honed over twelve years to amplify the power in you that will lead to your transformation!


You and I will meet bi-weekly beginning with the 90-min Intuitive Human Design Chart Reading ($297 value) which will illuminate your infinitely unique energetic offering and the gifts, propensities, powers, and growth opportunities.


Afterwhich, we will meet for 60-minute growth calls every other week where we will engage in coaching, and other spiritual tools and development modalities needed. 


Between our live meetings, I am available to support you daily via messenger apps and emails with unlimited support. As you work through the different areas that are ready to be healed I will provide you with worksheets, meditations, suggested readings, and activities that will elevate and accelerate your transformation. 


As a bonus gift, I am offering you lifetime access to my course “Rut Rescue” where you will learn the tools you need to get unstuck, realigned, refocused, and back on track to the fulfillment of your goals and dreams (an $84 value)

This service is provided for $3000 for the 6-month Coaching Program

Want to learn more? Schedule your free Intuitive Guidance Call! In this free 1- hour Intuitive Guidance Call  we will connect deeply about your life, your relationships, and your goals and discuss more about this intensive coaching program so you can determine if it is the right move for you! 💖


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