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Offerings and Services

Hi! I'm Amy Titus and am so excited you are here! 💖 Finding ways to connect people with their inherent power and purpose has been my passion for many, many years. I have studied spiritual principles, modalities, and practices and shared my findings for twelve years, and have cultivated beautiful programs and services to help elevate and support my clients.


The way I serve each client is as individual as they are and I honor and empower the uniqueness of my clients towards their Self-Actualization. 


I help my clients become deeply and intimately self-aware of their energetic offering and how that manifests in their inherent gifts, strengths, fragilities, and propensities. This is powerful work and I am so honored and blessed by my clients. 

Human Design Chart Reading (video) and Personal Ebook

This service includes a Human Design chart reading by me (video) as well as a comprehensive, beautifully designed E-Book of your Human Design for you to refer back to quickly again and again.
In this reading, I will detail your Strategy, Authority, Profile, prominent channels and gates, as well as insights into each of your centers (defined and undefined) and how these energies may be playing out in your life and relationship with self and others.


This is the perfect place to start your education in Human Design. I also include personalized practical tips so you can start using this information in your daily life. 


Human Design is one of the most comprehensive tools I’ve found in my 12 years of spiritual work and research to help us decondition from who we were taught to be by family and society. Once we begin to decondition, we can step into the greatness of who we actually are. This tool has completely changed my life and offered me insight into what, deep down, I already knew: Each one of us has a way to operate that leads us to our dreams and goals with more ease and flow. 

This service is provided by downloadable electronic files and is priced at $75. 

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