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Offerings and Services

Hi! I'm Amy Titus and am so excited you are here! 💖 Finding ways to connect people with their inherent power and purpose has been my passion for many, many years. I have studied spiritual principles, modalities, and practices and shared my findings for twelve years, and have cultivated beautiful programs and services to help elevate and support my clients.


The way I serve each client is as individual as they are and I honor and empower the uniqueness of my clients towards their Self-Actualization. 


I help my clients become deeply and intimately self-aware of their energetic offering and how that manifests in their inherent gifts, strengths, fragilities, and propensities. This is powerful work and I am so honored and blessed by my clients. 

Intuitive Human Design Chart Reading

In this 60-minute live Human Design reading, we will go over the basics of Human Design and then dive into the intricacies of your chart. I will discuss your strategy, authority, predominant channels, and gates in your chart and then give you an opportunity to discuss any situation or circumstance that you would like guidance on. 

I will use the Divine energetics of your chart and my own intuitive gifts as tools to bring forth practical guidance and insight that will give you clarity.  


This reading will help you to better understand your own life force, gifts, propensities, powers, tendencies, and how you show up in the world around you.

Much of our experience in this life revolves around our relationships. During this session, I can run a chart detailing the energetics of a relationship between you and another person which can bring immense clarity around what to expect in the relationship and how to work together to have the best, most heart-centered relationship possible. 


This is a life-changing service, rich with detailed and practical information that you can apply immediately to start living correctly as the beautifully unique Creator Being you are. 


This service is provided on Zoom and is priced at $125

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