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Human Design Basics Class

In this 90-minute class, you will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of your Human Design chart and the chart of everyone you know!

Human Design is not a religion or in contradiction to any religion. It is a tool to help us understand who we are energetically and then use that information to create positive transformation in our lives.

Learn how to align your actions and energy to create more ease and flow in your life. Join us!

- Amy Titus Master Level Human Design Teacher and Coach
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This class will take place at StonePath Massage & Healing Center
150 W University Blvd Ste 2-b, Cedar City, UT 84720
Choose from TWO dates in July!

Sunday, July 17th at Noon
Sunday, July 31st at Noon 

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Are you ready to move towards self-actualization?

Human Design is like an instruction manual for your energetic body (your aura) and therefore your life. We are all energetic beings, and this modality depicts the different energies within us and how they show up in your life.

Human Design is a sacred tool that helps explain who you are, how you relate to others, info about your inherent gifts, tendencies, and propensities, and where shadow aspects may creep in. 

This phenomenal self-awareness tool is also called "the science of differentiation" because no two charts are exactly the same. Therefore we are all unique with unique experiences and must honor that fact.


"Once we understand WHO we are energetically, we can truly begin to create our lives intentionally. Human Design is the perfect tool to get us there."

Join me for...

Human Design Basics Class

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Learn how to use your spiritual energy to create the life and relationships you want!

  • We are all unique spiritual beings who can powerfully create a life of abundance and freedom.
  • All we need to do is learn about our energy and how to work with it rather than against it.
  • Human Design shows you how!
It’s time to TRUST yourself like never before.

In this class you will learn...


Human Design History

Learn how Human Design was developed and how it's a blend of many different teachings. 

The 5 Strategies

Each Aura Type has a way of operating that is best for them. When we follow our specific strategy we can show up effectively and co-create with others easily. 

The Human Design Chart

Learn the different areas of the chart and what they mean

The 4 Aura Types

The aura is the energetic field around each person's body. Understand the 4 aura types and what each does.

The 6 Authorities

Each person is equipped with a internal guidance system that helps them make the correct decision for them. In Human Design this is called the "Inner Authority" Learn about all 6 and how they operate. 

The 9 Energy Centers

An expanded system from the Hindu Chakra System with 7 energy centers, Human Design is built on 9 energy centers that move and channel energy in the body. Each center has a unique theme and way it operates.
I send your personal Advanced Human Design Chart before class!
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I'm a Master Level Human Design Teacher and Coach and a Radical Self-Compassion and Joy Coach! I have studied, practiced, and coached Spiritual Development for 12 years, and can I tell you something?... Human Design is one of my FAVORITE modalities for creating change in my life and the life of my clients. 


Because all of the spiritual development in the world is completely worthless unless you can use that information to create true transformation and CHANGE your life.

Human Design is a practical modality that shows you how to be the most powerful thing imaginable... who you were created to be.

I am a Wife, a Mama, a Sister, a Daughter, a Friend, a Coach, a Creator, a Lover, and a Light Bringer. 

I'm Amy.

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It's Time to Honor Who You Truly Are

"Amazing and motivating, I love the passion and care to teach the process of empowerment. Amy is a great teacher of how we all can use our uniqueness, skills, and talents to achieve our goals."

Crystal M.

"Amy is hands down one of the most positive people I know. If you’re looking to forge a new path for yourself, there is no greater person to have by your side! Amy is a constant source of uplifting energy and will no doubt help you realize and achieve your dreams!"

Marissa S.

"I'm new to Human Design and have learned so much from Amy!! Her passion and commitment are apparent and she is a wonderful, wonderful teacher. Very excited to have her as a guide on this journey!"

Carrie S.


It is so empowering to learn more about who we are and what we were created to do.

Human Design is an amazing tool to help you better understand how you show up, what your gifts are, where you shine, and how to bring all that together to create the life you want to live. 

We are all wildly UNIQUE and Human Design shines a spotlight on how no two people are the same. Learning who we are allows us to stand tall as the individual we were created to be. 

Let me show you how...

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In this 90- Minute Class

  • The history of Human Design and where it came from.
  • The different areas of the Human Design chart and what they mean
  • The 4 Aura Types
  • The 5 Strategies
  • The 6 Authorities
  • The 9 Energy Centers
I send you your personal Human Design Chart before the class!

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