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Offerings and Services

Hi! I'm Amy Titus and am so excited you are here! 💖 

     I help my clients become deeply and intimately self-aware of their energetic offering and how that manifests their inherent gifts, strengths, fragilities, and propensities. This is powerful work and I am so honored and blessed by my clients

Intuitive Human Design Chart Reading

Human Design Chart Personal eBook

Akashic Records: Soul Realignment 

Awaken to Love
Coaching Program

In this 60-minute Human Design reading, we will go over the basics of Human Design and then dive into the intricacies of your chart. I will discuss your strategy, authority, predominant channels, and gates in your chart and then give you an opportunity to discuss any situation or circumstance that you would like guidance on. 


This service is provided on Zoom and is priced at $100 

Want a transformational guide detailing your Human Design chart that you can explore in your own time and at your own pace? 

This comprehensive, beautifully designed eBook of your Human Design chart details your unique energetic pattern and included practices you can implement to live more fully aligned as your empowered self.

This service is provided by downloadable electronic files and is priced at $75. 

Realign yourself to your Divinity. During this 60-minute session, you will learn how to invite new levels of joy, purpose, and abundance into your life. You will discover blocks and restrictions that hold you back and receive tools to clear this energy. The techniques of Soul Realignment, Akashic Records, and intuitive energy reading bring forth this valuable and life-changing information.

This service is provided by zoom meeting and is priced at $125. 

In this 6-month coaching program, I will support you as you rediscover who you are and who are you are meant to be. You will find new love, compassion, and kindness for yourself as you align with the highest expression of yourself and step into your inherent power as a Divine Creator Being with clarity. We will use a unique blend of modalities and practices that I have lovingly honed over twelve years to amplify the power in you that will lead to your transformation!


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