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Understanding Strategy

(Aura Type)


The aura type or strategy in Human Design is the foundation for understanding your unique design. It’s base camp one and the most crucial element to understand your energy and how it shows up in the world. Early in my human design journey, this piece was tough to swallow (spoiler, I’m a projector). When I finally accepted myself and opened my heart to the potential power in living true to my design, my world burst open in the most beautiful way. 

The Four Aura Types

Each aura type has a specific strategy to live by, which aligns with their vibrational offering and allows for a smooth flow of energy in their interactions with the world around them. 

Generator (including

Manifesting Generator)

Strategy: To respond


Strategy: To wait for the invitation 


Strategy: To inform then initiate


Strategy: Wait for the lunar cycle (28 days)

Your Operating System


In the “go-getter” world we live in, we are taught to earn what we want through hard work and grit. We are told that if you aren't getting results, then you aren't working hard enough.


Have you ever felt like no matter what you did, there was an invisible barrier that was keeping you from your goal? You were doing all the “right” things (and working yourself into an early grave), and yet, somehow, things just were not connecting?

According to Human Design, we each have a specific way of operating that, when followed, leads us to the right situations and the outcomes we truly desire. 

Human Design is about energetics, how you affect and are affected by other people, and how they respond to you. Imagine the elementary school science experiment with magnets. One side of the magnet pushes the other away while the other attracts with intense force. This is like the science of the unseen forces pulling you towards and pushing you away from people and situations.

Let's take a deeper look at each of the aura types!

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Generators. The beloved worker bees of the planet make up about 70% of the population. They have a defined Sacral center (learn more about centers here), which is the body’s most powerful motor. Generators are energetic beings who have the fuel to make, create, and build the world around us.  Their aura is opened and enveloping.


Their strategy is to respond. In other words, their strategy is to react to a stimulus, not initiate action on their own accord. For example, you respond to your boss when he asks if anyone has any ideas for business development. You initiate when you offer unsolicited advice to your boss on making the business development department of your company better. 


Projectors make up 20% of the population, and their strategy is: to wait for the invitation. The projector’s aura is penetrating like a laser or a lighthouse beam streaming into the aura whom they interact with. This allows them to have deep wisdom and understanding of people and situations, but unless invited, this energy is very intrusive! On an unconscious level, the other person can feel this penetration and block the energetic exchange by shutting down. Hence, a projector needs to be recognized and “Wait for the invitation.”  


It looks like this: You speak up during a work function or meeting, and it either falls wholly flat or is ignored. Almost like no one heard you. A few minutes later, someone asks you directly for your opinion, and the whole room gives you their attention. You can tell your message hits the mark and is understood. An invitation is a sacred contract, an opening, like being welcomed into someone's home. 


Projectors do not have a defined Sacral center (the energy motor of the body) which means their access to energy is inconsistent at best. It is like having a phone that can only charge 50% compared to the 100% charge of a Generator. When they are living their truth, this can look like people who don't keep up with the busy-busy-busy of life. If unaware of their human design strategy, however, they may feel exhausted and think there is something wrong with them because “everyone” around them has more energy.  Due to the focusing nature of their aura, when Projectors are living correctly, they can get massive amounts of work done in relatively short periods of time. 


The Mighty Manifestor! In this day and age, when everyone is constantly talking about “manifest this” and “manifest that,” it can be shocking to find out that only 9% of the population is actually designed to do it. Manifestors, like projectors, are non-energy beings. They have an undefined sacral center, and their life fuel is inconsistent. What is unique about their design is that they have a direct channel or energetic connection from a motor center (root, solar plexus, heart/ego) to the throat.  The throat is the center of manifestation, and one thing is for sure: a manifestor’s words have power.


The Manifestors strategy is: to inform.  The truth is we other types don't really care if we are being pushed around by the manifestor as long as they give us a heads up. Energetic shuffling is what the manifestor is here to do. They are not here to ASK if they can do something. Manifestors tell others what THEY are going to do and then do it. They also aren’t here to tell other people what to do. 


Here is an example: you inform your wife that you will take some time off of work to start a new project. Or you inform your boss that you are going to work from home for the next few weeks. Due to the aura mechanics, after a manifestor informs others what is correct for them, the people affected will usually either pave the way and do what they can to make the task easier for the manifestor or at least get out of their way. 


Manifestors are the innovators. They come up with new ideas and projects, put the correct people in place, wait around to make sure it's off the ground, and then are off onto their next big thing. Manifestors are NOT here to work on those projects indefinitely. The manifestors conceive of the plan, the projectors are the project managers, and the generators bring the dream into fruition. 


Ah, the rare reflectors. They are the mirror of our society and only represent about 1% of the population. These magical beings are distinguished by having NO defined centers, which means they are absorbing and amplifying the energy from all of those around, often becoming an exaggerated version of them. Due to this, a correct environment is absolutely essential for a reflector. Their aura is resisting and sampling. 
Reflectors “sample” by trying many different kinds of things to determine which is right and correct for them at that time. In a culture where we are expected to “choose something and stick with it,” a reflector is built to pick things up and then drop them when they are no longer correct for them.
Their strategy is to wait for a lunar cycle or 28 days.  While the sun rules the other aura types (generators, projectors and manifestors), reflectors are governed by the moon, making their human experience wildly different. Reflectors, in my opinion, have the most complex aura type. They need to understand the energies of others and have the ability to distinguish what is theirs versus someone else’s. 
Waiting for a full lunar cycle can be difficult in a fast-paced world, but doing this is crucial. When does the lunar cycle start? At the moment when there is a perceived choice to make or action to take. Wait 28 days from that point.
Before finding human design, reflectors often feel like something is wrong with them, like they do not fit in and are inherently different. Well, they ARE different in the most wonderful and magical way. Reflectors are a magnificent and vital gift to the world as they are a mirror showing us who we are in light and darkness. Their job is: to simply be. 

Ready to find out what YOUR unique Human Design is?!

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Reflector Aura


Discovering and understanding your strategy is the first step in living your human design and uncovering how to live as your best self. The second step is integrating your Authority, your internal guidance system, to help you make the best, correct choices and decisions. Let’s dig into “Your Human Design Authority” together! 

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